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Before inquiries, please make sure that you have read our Terms and Conditions, Cancellation Policy, etc.

Pricing and payment

The prices indicated below just give you a rough idea for your planning.

Guide fee

Our guide fee starts from 15,000 yen for a half-day tour and 20,000 yen for a day tour. It also varies depending on the experience of the guide, language (especially other than English), and walking routes. Mountain climbing, for example, need a more knowledgeable and experienced guide, compare to city walking. Then the guide fees rise accordingly. Please inquire.

In addition to the guide fee, you are required to pay the transport, admission fees, etc. for our guide during the tour. Overnight tours incur you additional payment for guide’s accommodation and meals.

In Japan, tips to the guide are not mandatory. But our guide do not refuse it.


We recommend you to use public transport as much as possible. This is because riding local trains/buses may be a fun and public transport is cheaper than private transport. The fare of course depends on the means of transport and the distance. In the case of a day-tour, it is usually between 2,000 yen and 10,000 yen per person for an adult. We can give you an estimated fare so please inquire.

Private transport includes a hired car (including hired taxis) or a hired private bus. The price varies depending on the size of the car and the distance. Hiring a small car with driver for a full day may cost as much as 80,000 yen. In the case of private transport. our travel agency Ful Lead International Co. Ltd. will make arrangement.

According to the Japanese laws and regulations, tour guides cannot make booking of transport and only licensed travel agencies can do it.

Admission Fees

Some parks etc. may require you an admission fee to enter there. If you like to visit some museums or other facilities, they may have some admission fees. In such cases, you are supposed to pay it on the spot for yourselves as well as our guide. Our guide will help you.

Meals and drinks

All our tours do not include any meals nor drinks. In the case of walking tours without any restaurants or other eating places along the course, you are required to bring your meal boxes and drinks. Our guide can help you to buy some before you start walking. You do not need to pay for the meals of our guide unless you ask them to accompany you during the meals.

Mode of payment

If you need just a guide and use public transport, you can make payment in cash on the day of the tour.

If you need an arrangement for reserved tickets for public transport, lunch reservation, private transport, accommodation and other things, then you are required to make payment upon booking your tour. We accept credit card payment (VISA and Masters) and bank transfer. Paypal may be accepted but 4% service charge will be added.

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