tanabata festival in Honmachi Shopping street

Honmachi Shopping Street, Ichinomiya City, near Nagoya

Honmachi Shopping Street in Ichinomiya City is within an easy access from Nagoya Station. This shopping street has a long history over 200 years. The shopping street has developed in front of the Masumida Shrine, which is one of the most important shrine in this region and has a history over 1,000 years.

Tanabata Summer Star Festival

Around last weekend of July, Tanabata Star Festival is held along the shopping street and in the compound of the Masumida Shrine. Highly recommended for those who stay in Nagoya. Date of the festival changes every year, so please inquire if you are happened to be in Nagoya in late July.

Tanabata festival

Walking guide

Walking time for the street and the shrine is just about 1 hour except the Tanabata Festival. The street is only 5 minutes walk from Ichinomiya Station.

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