Kumano Kodo

Kumano Kodo

GyubaDoshiThe ancient pilgrimage routes to the Three Shrines, namely Kumano Hongu Taisha, Kumano Nachi Taisha, and Kumano Hayatama Taisha have a long history over 1,000 years.

Once almost forgotten, but the Kumano Kodo is recently designated as one of UNESCO World Heritage and getting popularity nowadays.

Many people including both Japanese and foreigners visit Kumano Kodo. However, to reach there and choose walking routes suitable for a particular person or a group is not so easy.

There are six main routes in Kumano Kodo. They are

  • Kiiji
  • Koheji
  • Nakaheji
  • Oheji
  • Iseji
  • Omine Okugake Michi

Iseji is easily accessible, because it runs mostly along the coast from Ise. Other routes run in deep mountains and guided tours are strongly recommended for foreigners.

We present here some of popular ready-made tours for Kumano Kodo. Most of the tours start from Kansai area, either Osaka or Kyoto. They usually takes for several days. So be prepared!

Kumano Kodo Tours

There are several ready-made tours available. Please follow the link below.

More Kumano-Kodo tours are presented here.

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