Walking seasons in Japan

Please choose a season for walking in Japan, or choose best places during your stay considering when you visit Japan. As you may know, Japan has well distinguishable 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, in a year. However, this is not enough to plan your walking in Japan. In the cases of nature walking especially, Japanese nature changes its face almost every month, or every week.

Japan is a long archipielago from Hokkaido (north) to Okinawa (south). Hokkaido is located in Subarctic zone while Okinawa is in Subtropic. So this page shows you typical scenes in Central Japan including cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka.


In January, you may or may not experience snow due to global warming today. So how about cultural walk in cities and villages? You find new year’s decoration here and there.



February is the season for snow. Vist snow covered mountain villages or you can enjoy snow-walk in some areas.

Snow in Shirakawago


Japanese people think that spring starts from March marked by flowers such as plum (photo below) and yellow rape flowers. You may find many pretty little wild flowers in mountain walks. Beware that it may snow heavily in mountain areas.

plum flowers


You can expect famous cherry blossoms and other flowers in April. Please choose a route that includes flower-viewing.

Cherry blossom festival

In rural areas, you may taste wild vegetables, which are mostly new shoots or leaves of wild plants and trees.


You should definitely choose a nature walk in mountain area. Fresh green forests are so beautiful in May. This is a best season to hike in mountains.

fresh green forests


From June to early July is a rainy season in Japan. So it’s generally a not good season to have a walk. However, hydrangea has flowers only in this season.



Japanese hot summer starts in July. This is also a start of  summer festivals here and there in Japan.

Tanabata festival


It’s really hot and humid in August in Japan. To avoid this uncomfortable weather, consider hiding in high mountains and valleys. Since over 70% of Japan’s territory is mountains, you can choose various places.

Itadori River


In September, it can still be very hot but you may feel that autumn is approaching. In rural areas, you enjoy Spider lilies or other flowers typical in this season.

Spider lily


In October, the weather is generally fine, temperature is moderate and air is dry. So it’s one of the best month to have a walk! You can go anywhere.

Koto Sanzan


Trees change colors in November in the most places in Japan. Even in cities you can enjoy it but to fully enjoy the colors, visit mountain sides.

Autumn Trees


In December, you can enjoy hiking in low mountains near cities. In cities you can enjoy people preparing for Christmas and New Year festival seasons. Illumination also starts in various places.