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Taguchi Village in Itadori, Seki City in Gifu

We have an early-morning walk in Taguchi Village, Itadori, Seki City in Gifu Prefecture. This is not a famous tourist spot but many campers visit here. Please check our YouTube site to see the video of this walk.

We are not campers and stayed in the Family Inn Hioki, one of the best place to stay in Japan. Well, in my opinion. Hioki offers a good variety of local cuisine that varies from season to season.We started our morning walk from Family Inn Hioki, one of my favorite place in Japan. Taguchi village is a small village along Itadori River. It has a long history may be over 2,000 years. We visited the ruin of Taguchi Castle which was destroyed in 16th century by the attack of a samurai clan based on nearby region.
If you like to stay in Family Inn Hioki and have walks around Taguchi Village and surrounding areas, please contact us.

Food in family Inn Hioki

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